Entrepreneurial FANTACY

When I opted for the paradigm shift from being an employee to become employer six years back, I had only one question in mind that how to get connected with people deeply and freely. With that single question I jumped into freelancing training domain and that with Life Skills Education for college students. I enjoyed that two years journey as a freelancer thoroughly and it made me more aware of going deeper into this Life Skills segment. To quench my thirst to go deeper I started “Leaderz Walk Life Skills Education” with a tagline “Exploring Awareness” and the show is on till now.

You need to be Aware and you have to be Leader of Your Life. I promoted myself as a social entrepreneur at heart and trainer by profession. It is very apt for me to do some introspection and here it is “Entrepreneurial FANTACY” which is my oxygen for keeping me on toes day in and out.

Fear of Failure: Fear of failure has two faces, one which encourages you to “Bhag Lo – To Participate in every situation” and other discourages you to “Bhag Lo- To Run from every situation”. My vote was for the first one and it should be for everyone who wants to test his or her mettle in every circumstance.

Adventure: Many taught us during MBA days that business needs to be well planned and strategically right, but I won’t hesitate to mention that we have witnessed so many businesses which were well planned and strategically right have failed miserably. So, I will vote for being adventurous in your life because that will not let you become boring in your journey and don’t indulge you in analysis paralysis in every moment of your life.

Networking: It does not matter whether your personality traits claim that you are introvert or you prefer to be an introvert, life is all about meeting new people, observing them and learning from them. Thomas Edison must have studied how networking of wires help in generating and transmitting electricity before inventing “Bulb” which is the manmade source of light for us. So, networking shapes and guides you a lot to formulate or invent your value proposition.

Timeliness: You need to value yours and others time to the maximum. We live in the era where millions of information got exchanged from one point to another. Initially, it was always difficult to prioritize my work and I found difficulty in my deliverable. Believe me, once you will prioritize your work with the timeline you will get ample time to explore more in your life.

Adaptability: We believe that one mind is equivalent to one universe and see how perfectly the entire universe has adapted to all odds and even silently. Being trainer/facilitator/educator/entrepreneur you should understand this chemistry of nature that odd and even goes hand in hand. To the lighter note, we will witness in Delhi blend of odd and even from very first day of 2016 as well.

Creativity: Everything has shortened their life cycle, be it product life cycle or project life cycle. You need to be very creative in your move. Most of the creativity comes with the hidden bonanza, so be creative and original in your approach. Creativity keeps you younger and nurtures your imagination. Stephen Hawkins said aptly that whatever comes in mind is possible and your imagination can be translated into reality.

Yielding: At the end, your works need to be quantified and monetized because someone has rightly said if you can’t measure it you can’t achieve it. You need to be yielding by being more aware and lead from the front.

Enjoy your “Entrepreneurial FANTACY”

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