Be Your Own Rainbow

We all are enjoying the era of E-commerce in one way or another in our day to day life. My soulmate is also very fondof shopping things online and she used to show whatever she buys online. My usual reaction for her buying anything new online is very nice, very good etc. But, today morning something very interesting happened with me. I was searching my socks and I saw the box which was sent by one of the online retailer was lying on the bed. I opened it and found that three tags are inside the box. One of the tag was written “be your own rainbow” at one side and the other side was written the name of the brand. After reading the statement I felt energized and motivated. And, to keep the positive energy with me I picked up that tag and inserted into the book as a bookmark. While reading the book I was holding the tag and then I noticed that it is made of a paper which gives the rainbow appearance when you see under the light. So, I decided to click this beautiful tag with bamboo plant and to keep it forever with me (see the image). This entire incident gave me a pleasant insight that majority of us just wait for the rain to see the rainbow while very few of us try to do it on their own.

We all can be our own rainbow if we nurture the VIBGYOR in our life.

Vision: We should have a vision to adapt to any situations effortlessly and willingly. Our vision will help us in solving our problems with best possible steps at that point of time.

Ideation: Needless to mention that whatever we have achieved or experienced in our life is because of someone’s idea translated into the reality by his/her passion and determination. So, we should keep ideating new things in our life regularly.

Belief:  Nobody had ever imagined many decades before that we can fly but we fly. Nobody had ever imagined that we can transfer money online few decades back, but we can do it now. Whatever you see in your surrounding which have been created or achieved by human beings could have been possible because of a belief system inside us. If we will believe our inner voice, rainbow can be created without rain as well.

Generosity: Our nature is generous which gives us the sense of abundance although we have taken wrong advantage of it. We should try to be as generous as we can to the nature and mankind. It will lead us to have a peaceful mind.

Youthfulness:  We know it very well that everything has its own life cycle which means everything which starts will end as well. But, despite this truth we should never leave our youthfulness because it keeps us moving and playful till our last breath.

Observation: We are blessed to have five senses, mind and soul with us. We should be very observing in nature towards each creation of this beautiful universe. It will help us in generating a sense of empathy and establishing a long-lasting relationship.

Respectful: Nature has created this universe keeping balance in mind. They have given fire and the water. If you will notice nature has manifested everything with great planning but we have started disturbing the planning and balance of the nature. We should be respectful to our life and the resources which we have got from beginning. At the same time, we should also be respectful to others for what they have got in their life.

I am very sure that if we will nurture the VIBGYOR in our life with ease and blissfully, we will not wait for the rain to see the rainbow. We will be on the path to be our own rainbow.

Keep nurturing the VIBGYOR and be your own RAINBOW.


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