September 23, 2016

About Us

We, at Leaderz Walk believe in the philosophy of experiential learning and comprehensive understanding through syndicate of professionals who come from diversified background.

We provide a wonderful platform to show case and explore your treasure of potential to discover yourself.

A series of programs developed by a pool of experienced brains acquaints you with the whole process of life skills.


To enable developing individual to unleash potential through Life Skills Education.


To help an individual focus on himself and know his emotional, social and logic self.

To take him through the process which enables him to make a right choice when faced by challenges in everyday life

To help an individual to instill in himself the right attitude to capitalize on the knowledge and skills in him.


Our Founder

ks-imageKumar Saurabh

Experience: 10+ Years

Sectors Served: Education, Retail, Agriculture, Training& Development

Past Organization: PT Education, Piramyd Retail, lndiabulls Retail, DCM Sri Ram


He is a social entrepreneur at heart and a trainer by profession. He has trained more than 1000 professionals from different sectors. He has trained more than 5000 students of engineering, management, and agriculture streams. He is also associated with management colleges for Project Management and Retail Management Courses. Under his stewardship, Leaderz Walk has developed more than 15000 hours of vocational training content apart from 200 hours of e-learning content. He believes that entrepreneurs are real change agents who help in achieving dreams of millions of dreamers.